In summary, similar to our aim to make World stars among the music and art students in our Young Talents Project, we aim to create worldwide scientists in this Project.

Short summary of our Project is as follows: The students which will be selected by a Science Board consisting of university professors will be eligible for scholarships in their studies in the fields of medicine, engineering, information technologies (IT), basic sciences and further will be eligible for scholarships for graduate studies.

CEV provides scholarships for undergraduate studies in order to meet some of the needs of the students. There are highly qualified students among these. In most cases such students are unable to reach the means in order to continue their studies.

We have already started the “Young Talents Projects” however this Project is only geared towards the students of “culture and art”. These students are selected by important artists such as Cihat Askın and Fazıl Say and their education nationally and internationally are planned for them to become cultural ambassadors.

The other half of this Project is the one in the area of Science. “Achievement Scholarship” will be given to the students selected by the “Science Board”, in medicine, engineering, IT and basic sciences. The needs of such students will be determined by their advisor teachers during their undergraduate years and their graduate and doctorate studies will be planned accordingly. In a way, “Talents in Science” will be developed.

The foundation will be created to raise modern scientists who will contribute to World science from Turkey. About 20 young scientists will reach an opportunity each year to work under this Project.These students in most cases are unable to make the proper orientation in their fields. With the help of planning of CEV it will be possible for these highly talented students to reach education opportunities in the best schools in the World.

There are no trained worldwide known “Turkologists”. Many institutions resort to Hungary for their needs. The same is valid for “archaeologist”.

Working together under Young Talents of science Project will be highly sustainable and will have very meaningful results.

As of 2017 we have planned a third Project as “Young Talents of Science” which will contribute to the contemporary education in our country.

The basic elements and methods of application for the aforementioned project are as follows:

  • It is a visible fact that many successful students that do or don’t have scholarships from CEV during their standard education period have no means to maintain their success in the period following their undergraduate or graduate studies.
  • Similar to the one we have in the field of “ART”, the main purpose of our initiative is to step in for the highly successful students and provide adequate support for them in order to have them become worldwide known “SCIENTISTS”.
  • The selection process of such students will be accomplished by the “SCIENCE BOARD” formed by the university professors.
  • The fields of science that will be supported have been defined as Medicine, Engineering, IT, and Basic Sciences.
  • Scholarships will be given in the defined fields for the graduate studies, and the graduate and doctoral studies will be planned during undergraduate years by advisor teachers who will define the needs make the necessary planning.
  • The Project which will contribute to raising scientists who will contribute to the World of science will initially start with 20 students and each year the number of students will increase.

You can also be a partner in our dream of a more hopeful tomorrow by supporting more of our children to live well today and dream of a better future.