CEV is a fund which was established with the efforts of Prof. Dr. Turkan Saylan, Prof. Dr. Necla Arat, Prof. Dr. Aysel Celikel, Prof. Dr. Oya Basak and Gulseven Yaser, who were a group of intellectual and scientists who dedicated themselves to creating solutions to the problems of the national education system, raising new generations who believed in the guidance of reason and science, human rights and adapted values of the Republic.

In light of these principles, about the educational scholarships which are the fundamental and strongest field of activity:

  • Since the establishment, CEV has provided over 20,000 scholarships for elementary, middle school and university students and will continue to carry on this core mission within the framework of possibilities.
  • Thousands of students who have completed their education benefiting from these scholarships are currently serving the community with success in different professions and fields, as citizens who believe in modern life and the leadership and superiority of science.

You can also be a partner in our dream of a more hopeful tomorrow by supporting more of our children to live well today and dream of a better future.