Ways to donate

Online Donation

Donations scholarships can be made online by using the “ Online General Donation” button on our website.

The donation content must be quoted in the transaction description section of the transfer (i.e. fund, wreath, special day, etc.)

Turkish Lira Accoounts Account Numbers IBAN

Donations by the individuals and organizations:

Individuals and organizations can make conditional or unconditional donations to CEV. As these donations represent one of the major sources of income , CEV grants designated scholarships for those students meeting the eligibility criterias in line with the CEV Scholarship Directives. Also, conditional donations for construction of schools or dormitories may be made.

One can donate in the amount as he/she desires. Thus, CEV makes it possible for those citizens who do not have the opportunity to provide scholarships or build a school/dormitory on their own to support our national education.

Donating the Foundation

Fulfilling the functions of the Foundation institution, which has a very important place in our social life, depends on the income of the goods and rights allocated at the foundation and the donations made later on.

In general there are two ways to donate. The individual can donate a movable or immovable property or right to the Foundation, conditionally or unconditionally. While making this donation the donor may donate only the property itself and reserve the right of usufruct or right of residence. Thus, only the bare ownership or right passes to the foundation, and the right to use and benefit from the income remains with the donor until his/her death. It is not possible to retract from such donations unless illegality.

Another way of donating is by preparing a will. The donor can donate a property or more to the Foundation by preparing a will during his lifetime. This type of donation is called testamentary disposition. It can be prepared officially at the public notary or can be written by his/her own handwriting and presented to the public notary.The donor uses the property rights on the property during his/her lifetime as he/she wishes. Because the will only takes effect upon death of the donor.

Contemporary Education Foundation provides the relevant legal advisory assistance for those who wish to prepare a will or donate.