History of CEV

Çağdaş Eğitim Vakfı (Contemporary Education Foundation) was established in 1994 with the hope of building better life standards for all humankind. We believe contemporary and quality education to be the fundamental basis to reach better life standards.

CEV is a foundation that was originally established by the initiative of a group of intellectuals such as Prof. Dr Turkan Saylan, Prof .Dr Necla Arat, Prof. Dr Aysel Celikel, Prof. Dr Oya Basak, Gulseven Yaser who have dedicated themselves to better education, creating solutions to the problems in national education system and believed in the guidance of, science, reason, human rights, with the aim of raising generations who believe in the fundamental values of the Republic.

The Goals of CEV

 To have the Turkish educational system attain secular, scientific, rational, free and democratic levels and become an institutionalized education system,
 To support individuals with modern and independent mindsets, who believe in research and open to innovation,
 To execute scientific research and studies in order to support the national educational system,
 To constantly follow the contemporary and current opportunities of science and technology in the field of education and put them into the service of the Turkish people,
 To establish educational institutions, dormitories, educational houses, family schools in every level, and support the existing ones,
 To activate non-governmental forces in order to establish an educational system that is in line with the needs of the modern times,
 To open Family Schools with the aim of educating families,
 To support educational activities in schools, in the form of class, teacher, material, equipment, and construction,
 To organize all kinds of panel discussions, seminars, and chat sessions in the schools and universities that will contribute the educational system.

The Goals of CEV

In the current environment, the basic choice in the national education system is either to raise individuals with free and independent mindsets who will “think “and reason; or individuals who refuse to “think” outside of their strong belief(s) in certain ideologies and/or ideas and therefore choose to obey certain individual(s).. At this point, major responsibility falls on the “Contemporary Civil Society Organizations” which are away from any self-interest by way of their existence, which are established with the aim of rectifying the visibly wrong and add value to the society…

Because, the development is a continuous process and it occurs in stages. The activities of the civil society organizations on development of personalities that are formed from childhood onwards, based on the values provided by the family and the environment are especially important in the developing nations.

On the other hand, the CSO’s existing in the developed nations have established themselves as strong forces in the real sense among the social, cultural and political society. They play active role in informing and creating public opinion in their own fields. The individuals in such societies are often members of more than one CSO and they play active role in those CSO’s.

You can also be a partner in our dream of a more hopeful tomorrow by supporting more of our children to live well today and dream of a better future.