Item 1: The purpose of this Directive is to determine the principles and conditions of various social aid activities with the gratuitous scholarship to be given by the Contemporary Education Foundation (CEV) to support the education of our children at every stage of education and training, in line with Atatürk’s revolutions and principles, as cultured, modern citizens with social activity skills.


Item 2: In accordance with this regulation tool, it covers the principles of social and economic support to be provided to students in primary, secondary and higher education and to successful children special talents for fine arts at universal levels, but whose income is not sufficient to continue their education.


Item 3: This Directive is issued based on item 3.3 of the official deed of Çağdaş Eğitim Vakfı (CEV).


Item 4: The scholarships provided by CEV are unrequited. It is the basic principle and target that the students who are given scholarships adopt the system of thought to uphold our Republic and the secular and democratic principles of Atatürk.

–           The scholarship will be cancelled in the event that a contrary attitude is observed.
–           It is a main purpose to encourage the scholarship students to support to the extent of their ability other students, once they complete their education and become professionals.


Item 5:  The scholarships are given to students in elementary, secondary and higher education and to those young talents in fine arts whose talents are verified by the relevant academic fine arts institutions.
Social assistance activities are the in kind and cash assistance provided to the young people who are given scholarships in case of their needs.


Item 6:  Scholarships are extended to those students whose academic performance for the previous year is approved by the school administration and whose financial standing is determined by the review by the Foundation Board of Management.

–           It is a requirement that for secondary education the previous year’s performance must be Excellent, and for higher education the grade point average for previous academic year must be 2.0 or above. Under special circumstances, the report prepared by the evaluation of the student selection committee appointed by the Foundation Board of Management, will be taken into consideration.
–           The scholarships for highly talented, gifted students are extended only after the special talent is detected and confirmed by the relevant academic institution.
–           In the event that the number of such applicants for scholarship exceeds the existing opportunities(limits??) criteria such as hard work, talent and the extent of the financial need will be taken in consideration in order of priority.


Item 7:  The students who apply for scholarship must;

–           Display a modern living in line with the goals of the Foundation and Atatürk’s principles and revolutions,
–           Not have received a definitive sentence for an infamous crime, even if it has been postponed,
–           Not have received any disciplinary action by the school administration (however the situation of the students who have displayed such action will be decided by the Board of Directors of the Foundation)
–           Not be a member of any institution or establishment whose principles and purpose are against those of the Foundation, not have worked for any such institution nor have received any scholarship form any such institution.


Item 8:  The information and documents requested from the students who request scholarship, are examined by the authorized individuals assigned to make evaluations on their behalf by the board of directors of the Foundation, and their evaluations are made in light of the principles and purposes of the Foundation. During these evaluations the authorized individual or the board;

–           Holds face to face interviews in person with the applicant students,
–           Such interviews and evaluations for the talented and gifted students are held in line with item 7 of the Directive, with the students and their parents,
–           The authorized individual or the board records the minutes of the interview whereby the evaluations and opinions are in accordance with objective criteria,
–           The authorized individual or the board presents the opinions formed at the interview and the examinations, to the Board of the Foundation as a report as addendum to the minutes of the interview. No scholarship can be awarded to any student without the decision of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.
–           The information regarding the results of the scholarship application is relayed to the applicants by the Foundation officers.


Item 9:

Together with the document taken from the school he/she attended and showing the academic performance of the previous year:

  1. Student certificate,
  2. Copy of the identification card,
  3. Certificate of residence,
  4. 2 passport photo,
  5. For university students, certificate of conduct from the public prosecutor’s Office,
  6. Family income certificate,
  7. Scholarship application form given by the Foundation and completed by the student.

The application form must be complete.



Item 10:  Öğrenci Bursları;

  1. Graduation from the school, not continuing further education or leaving the school,
  2. Significant decline in the academic performance , failure from 2 courses or total failure in the class; for university students, those students who have 3 or more remaining courses from the previous terms are considered to have failed the classes,
  3. Improvement in the financial standing sufficient to continue his7her education,
  4. In the event that significant difference is detected later in the information declared in the application form,
  5. The particulars outlined in item 7 occurs during the continuance of the scholarship, or, discovery of their existence later on, the scholarship is discontinued after taking the defense of the applicant and verification of the situation,

(The required defense in the written form must be prepared within 15 days.)

  1. The students qualified for scholarship must attend all events and informative meetings organized by CEV. Nonattendance will result in discontinuance of the scholarship.


Item 11:

  1. Unconditional donations,
  2. Conditional donations specifically for scholarships,
  3. Conditional donations designated for specific profession or talent,
  4. Conditional donations for specific individuals,

(Provided that they comply with the fundamental principles of this Directive outlined in the other items.)

  1. Are met by the financial sources deriving from other income and organized events.

(Based on the decision of the Board of Management, 25% of the gross income derived from events organized by the Foundation, are to be used as scholarships for students under formal education at the level of elementary, middle and higher education.)


Item 12:  As a matter of principle, the conditional donations for scholarships are used for fulfilling the scholarship requests.

–           The conditional donations for specific profession or talent are used as scholarships for those qualified students studying in those fields.
–           In the event that the demand for scholarships surpasses the number of scholarships available, priority is determined and consideration is made for the remaining scholarship requests.
–           In case the demand for scholarship is less than the number of conditional scholarships then the remaining scholarships are given to students studying in other professions or branch of talent.(i.e. in case there is little demand for medical studies then the dentistry, pharmaceutics would be considered; or instead of art, music or sculpture can be considered.)


Item 13:  Conditional donations are paid to the individual provided that the other provisions of this Directive are met. In the event that the conditional donation is discontinued, evaluation will be made based on the general condition and the requirements of the student.


Item 14:  The evaluation is made within a reasonable period beginning from the submission of the completed application form together with the required documentation to CEV. During the summer vacation the scholarship payments start with the beginning of the academic year, during the academic year the payments start within maximum 60 days from the submission of the application form, provided that it is approved. The payments are subject to availability of sufficient level of funds in the CEV scholarship fund, and should it be to the contrary, the applicant will be verbally informed within the same period. The scholarship payments are made on a monthly basis in evenly distributed over the academic year.

–           The scholarship payments are made to the bank accounts of the students during the course of a month.


Item 15:  It is a requirement that the students receiving scholarship are to report in written form to CEV within maximum one month period, any changes in their education or financial situation. Item 10 of this Directive will be put in effect in the case of non-compliance with this condition and learning of the situation later.


Item 16:  A separate file is prepared for each student receiving scholarship. The consecutive numbers are assigned for the files. All transactions regarding the scholarship recipient are followed in these files.


Item 17:  This Directive consists of 17 (seventeen) items and is executed and enforced by CAGDAS EĞITIM VAKFI (CEV) Board of Directors from the academic year of 2019-2020.

By supporting more of our children to live well today and dream of a better future, you can be a partner in our dream of a more hopeful tomorrow!